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Wednesday, 29th November 2017
I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (USA/France/Belgium/Switzerland, 2016, “12A”) Evening performance at 8.15pm. USA/France/Belgium/Switzerland, 2016. Directed by Raoul Peck. Written by James Baldwin. Photography (Colour): Henry Adebonojo, Bill Ross and Turner Ross. Music: Alexei Aigui. Length: 94 minutes. Featuring archive footage of James Baldwin and with narration by Samuel L. Jackson. more

Wednesday, 10th January 2018
AQUARIUS (Brazil/France, 2016, “18”) Evening performance at 7.30pm. Brazil/France, 2016. Directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho from his own screenplay. Photography (Colour and 'Scope): Pedro Sotero and Fabrício Tadeu. Length:146 minutes. Leading Players: SONIA BRAGA (Clara), BÁRBARA COLEN (Younger Clara), IRANDHIR SANTOS (Roberval), HUMBERTO CARRÃO (Diego), ZORAIDE COLETO (Ladjane), CARLA RIBAS (Cleide), FERNANDO TEIXEIRA (Geraldo), BUDA LIRA (Antonio), PAULA DE RENOR (Fátima), MAEVE JINKINGS (Ana Paula), DANIEL PORPINO (Adalberto/ more

Wednesday, 24th January 2018
MADAME DE… (France/Italy, 1953, “U”) Evening performance at 8pm. France/Italy, 1953. Directed by Max Ophüls from a screenplay by Marcel Achard, Annette Wademant and himself based on the novel by Louise de Vilmorin. Photography (Black and white): Christian Matras. Music: Oscar Strauss and Georges van Parys. Length: 102 minutes. Leading Players: DANIELLE DARRIEUX (Madame de...), CHARLES BOYER (Monsieur de...), VITTORIO DE SICA (Baron Donati), LIA DI LEA (Mistress of Monsieur de...), JEAN DEBUCOURT (The Jeweller), MIREILLE PIERREY (M more

Wednesday, 7th February 2018
BEHEMOTH (France/Finland/Switzerland/The Netherlands/Hong Kong/South Korea, 2015, “12A”) Evening performance at 8.15pm. France/Finland/Switzerland/The Netherlands/Hong Kong/South Korea, 2015. Directed by Zhao Liang and written by him and Sylvie Blum based loosely on The Divine Comedy by Dante. Photography (Colour): Zhao Liang. Music: Alain Mahe and Huzi. Length: 95 minutes. Featuring the inhabitants of Mongolia. more

Wednesday, 21st February 2018
FEAR EATS THE SOUL (West Germany, 1974, “12A”) Evening performance at 8.15pm. West Germany, 1974. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder from his own screenplay. Photography (Colour): Jurgen Jurges. Length: 93 minutes. Leading Players: BRIGITTE MIRA (Emmi), EL HEDI BEN SALEM (Ali), IRM HERMANN (Krista), RAINER WERNER FASSBINDER (Eugen), ELMA KARLOWA (Mrs Kargus), ANITA BUCHER (Mrs Ellis), GUSTI KREISSL (Paula), MARGIT SYMO (Hedwig), LILO PEMPEIT (Mrs Múnchmeyer), BARBARA VALENTIN (Barbara), WALTER SEDLMAYR (Grocer), HELGA BALLHAUS (Yo more
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